Book List

Here, you can find the books that were important on my journey to less and less anxiety.


12 rules of life

Jordan Peterson was one of the people who made me recognize how important my speech and behaviour was. Not just for my spiritual practice, which was important to me at the time, but especially when it came to facing my own fears and growing in my private life. This book, besides his lectures in his YouTube channel, are great to get your journey started.


Opening the Energy Gates of your Body

This was one of my first Qi Gong books. After quiet some time, I also started to learn from teachers in his lineage and still do this day. Even though it´s a little too technical at some parts, it describes the process of dissolving very well. The process we want to engage  in when we feel our anxiety popping up.


Power of No

This book, written by James and… blabla(einfügen), is a book that was very hard for me to read when I first bought it. I actually put it aside for a very long time. The authors describe their own journeys from pretty fucked up individuals to more self centered and competend being throughthe use of one simple word “No”.

They describe different situations when to use it, and how to use it. They also put a lot of exercises into their book to make you self reflect and change your perspective on life and yourself.

The book of Afformations

Even though this book is written in a style that trys to sell the authors content a bit too heavily, the idea and method of afformations is very interesting. I´m using certain afformations for a couple of months now, and it´s interesting how your thinking changes over time.

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Written for men, this book can also  be interesting for women. It shows how certain stimuly in our modern times actually made us dependent on the view of others about ourself. How it makes our  life more difficult than it could be. And gives ways and exercises out of  this dilemma.

Unshakable Freedom

Stoicism is a philosophy that relys heavily on self centeredness and calmness. It gives you mental exercises to detach from your situation so you can find doable solutions.

A Comprehensive Guide of Daoist Nei Gong

If you´re interested in Daoism and it´s Practices, this book is a real gold mine. I took a lot of principles for my own training, out of it. However, if you´re not interested in daoism and it´s theories, then the methods I took from this book and put on this website are probably more than enough for you.

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