Every Exercise you learned on the pages „body“ and „mind“ has an effect on your emotions. But, of course, your emotions also have an influence on your body and mind and the exercises I described. On this page, we won´t bother with new exercises, this website is full enough of them anyways, but on how your emotions might be effected through those exercises and how they influence your anxiety.

Emotions to look out for

When you have social anxiety, there are certain emotions you have to look out for that will influence you further in a negative way if you´re not aware of them. Those emotions are:

  • fear
  • anger
  • jealousy
  • pride

Each of these emotions can disturb your way out of your anxiety. However, it´s totally normal to experience them and they will always be part of you and your growth.

A goodway to handle those emotions is to see them as signposts. Every one of your emotions shows you things that probably are important to you.

You´re afraid to embarass yourself in front of certain people? Why exactly? You´re jealous of a person for his/her accomplishments? What is it that you want to accomplish? And so on.

Make it a habit to exermine your emotions, especially the stronger ones. If you have difficulties to handle your emotions (and you probably have, why should you be on this site if you don´t?), lets repeat the methods that will change that over time:

  • Dissolving Practice: Over time, you will learn how your body reacts when certain emotions come into play and you will learn how to release the tension that is coming from it
  • „Good“: The method of Jocko Willink will do one simple but powerful thing: It will teach you to accept the situation you´re in right now, in this moment. Through this acceptance, you will become more and more able to see things clearer, see the options you have, and determine which way you want to go

How do your Emotions affect your mind?

A very important point is the following: When faced with your emotions, are you running away from the situation, or are you facing it?

I want to make this one really clear, because I also have the tendency to run away from situations and this is the main problem in overcoming your anxiety, or any other problem you might be facing.

The described exercises will help over time, but make it a habit to face your problems head on, instead of running away from them





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Pictures:  Pixabay.com

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