How to use the Exercises

On this page, we will look at how we can use certain exercises when we need them. The exercises we use will be:

  • „Good“
  • „Exciting“
  • Dissolving Practice

Lets say we´re going to a party, (of course, it also could be school, sport events, etc.) there are three phrases we will look at:

  • Before the party
  • at the party
  • After the party


Before the event, your brain probably will come up with all kinds of scenarios on how bad the evening might go. At this phase, it´s important to detach from those thoughts. Especially the exercise „Good“ and dissolving (meaning relaxing your tense muscles) will help here.

If you´re new to the practices, the exercises „Exciting“ might not work as well as it can on a later stage. You´re brain just isn´t used to detaching from negative emotions and accepting them, yet, which makes the whole thing harder.

However, keep on the first two exercises and try not to get involved too much inside your negativity.

At the event

This might be the hardest part. Just try to remember to relax and thinking the word good. If it´s too much to talk to people for you, yet, relax as good as you can while standing with some people you know or, if you´re alone, standing or sitting somewhere and drinking something (it would be good if you´re not drinking alcohol though).

As soon as your somewhat comfortable, introduce yourself to people and try a little chit-chat and try to relax while doing it.

After the event

It´s important not to punish yourself no matter how „bad“ the evening went in your opinion. Remember the exercise „Good“ and try to look at the events objectively. What could have gone better, and where have you made some progress?

If you´re not used of going out, the fact that you went would already be progress, so try to celebrate even the small things. A good exercise after the event can be „Thankfulness“. Try to be thankful for the little progress you made and, if possible, the things you can work on.

Well, that would be an example for a little exercise. Repeat this process every time you´re going out, and progress will follow.

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